Saleks Grupp OÜ — steering wheel recovering, car seat recovering, automobile interior upholstery, furniture upholstery, motorcycle seat recovering in Tallinn, Estonia

Saleks Grupp OÜ has been providing leather repair services since 1994 as a hobby from home. In 2006 the company moved to a new level, as it appeared that our services are in demand even more than we expected. We began to develop and grow. At first we were renting a 20 m² space, and today it’s grown to 90 m². It is already clear that this is not enough, and we continue to grow.

Our services are provided by professionals who carefully choose the materials, and have great skills in this field. The high quality of our work has resulted is a steady increase in customer flow as well as good reviews.

List of Services:

1. Steering wheel recovering from 75 €
2. Partial replacement of car seat inserts from 45 €
3. Car roof interior upholstery from 150 €
4. Automobile side panel upholstery from 25 €
5. Car interior upholstery (complete) from 900 €
6. Restoration of damaged plastic from 45 €
7. Home and office furniture upholstery and repair from 45 €
8. Motorcycle seat recovering from 45 €

Additional Services:

1. Steering wheel paint repair from 45 €
2. Car seat restoration and paint repair from 75 €
3. Automobile interior dry cleaning and leather care from 75 €
4. Car seat heating installation from 170 €
5. New parking sensor installation from 100 €
6. Xenon LED light installation from € 80
7. Electrical work from 10 €
8. Mounting and installation (eg steering wheel removal) from 10 €