Steering Wheel Recovering

Steering wheel covers and upholstery

Steering wheel covering is a practical way to make your wheel pleasant to look at and comfortable to hold. Automobile steering wheel covering is also a great way to make your vehicle stand out from the rest.

Saleks Grupp OÜ has been specializing in professional car tuning in Tallinn and Estonia since 2006 (since 1994 as a hobby). Leather steering wheel cover is one of our priority areas. We know what should be paid special attention to and can offer you solid ideas to improve the interior of your auto with the help of our specialists.

Why do you need steering wheel recovering?

Steering wheel rewrap can be done for many different reasons, including: improving the appearance and the feel of the wheel for your own pleasure, preparing the vehicle for sale, changing the design in accordance with the owner’s taste, creating an original and expressive interior design, and many others.

One notable advantage of recovering a car wheel with soft and durable genuine leather is that this makes driving more enjoyable. Leather creates a good and comfortable grip during any time of the year, as well as it creates a warmer feeling when holding the wheel in the winter. Using special automotive leather to rewrap the wheel also significantly prolongs the wheel’s service life.

Why choose Saleks Grupp OÜ?

Our company has 20 years of experience in automobile interior restoration. Over the years we have mastered the intricacies of this arduous and painstaking process and are ready to offer our expertise to our customers.

Our experts always use the most appropriate materials (leather, Alcantara, perforated leather, carbon fiber, wood, etc.), color, texture, thread, type of stitching, and other details for optimal design of every customer’s car steering wheel.

We will help you pick the type of restoration: recreating the factory design, improving the looks, or tuning the wheel (eg, making the wheel thicker or softer, creating an anatomically-molded grip, etc.).

Steering wheel restoration in Saleks Grupp OÜ (Tallinn, Estonia) comes with quality materials and skilled workmanship, competitive prices, tight deadlines and an individual approach to each customer.

Your new stylish and ergonomic steering wheel will please you for years to come!