Seat Leather


Car seat restoration and upholstery

Car seat restoration is one of the priority areas of the Tallinn tuning shop Saleks Grupp OÜ. With Saleks Grupp, you can be sure that the new design of your car seats is limited only by your imagination. We are ready to quickly and efficiently implement your unique idea for car seat re-upholstery.

Car seat refurbishment is always in demand among other vehicle interior services in Tallinn, Estonia and worldwide. Just like the steering wheel, car seats are a huge part of driving comfortably. The driver and passengers will appreciate the increased level of ergonomics and comfort inside a car with newly upholstered seats.

When restoring car seats, the cost-effectiveness ratio is in place

Compared to this, if you buy new car seats it is much cheaper and more effective to remove the defects that have arisen from the use of old seats. Sun bleaching, burning fumes and traces of liquids can be removed. Compared to buying seat covers, restoration can remove defects to a greater extent and restore the seat to its original shape (and even improve it). Cleaning the seats themselves can be quite difficult at times. The process consists of the following steps: partial or complete disassembly, planning, selection of materials, marking, cutting, gluing, sewing, setting up, and drying and evaporation of parts.

Professional car seat restoration repairs all defects quickly, easily and affordably, whatever the condition of the seats.

Tallinn car interior repair shop Saleks Grupp OÜ approaches each customer individually. Let our experienced masters turn your seats into a masterpiece. Cheap cars are starting to become more prominent, and new and vintage cars are starting to become more prominent than other pigs when their seats are in order. Each car can become more comfortable on long journeys if the seats are repaired and upholstered.

Our company uses only high-quality material and performs warranty repairs. We help shape your individual project by helping you with design, choice of materials, style, color, texture and seam. The car model is not an obstacle and the end result is determined by the owner’s imagination.